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By3Design has been designing and reverse engineering parts and products since March of 2020. Our CAD engineer has been using Solidworks and Fusion360 since 2013. By3Design takes great pride in the designs and products that we produce. Focusing on the details to ensure that we get the best out of any project. 

At By3Design we value ingenuity, creativity, and creating long lasting relationships. We value your privacy on designs ensuring that any design concepts and products stay between us until the time of release. 

Our goal is to empower your ideas to become real. One key constant reminder is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). In each design we take every detail into account to ensure that the intended purpose is achieved. Efficiency is an aspect that we focus on heavily, we want to make sure that your project is completed within a timely manner while maintaining the high quality that we take pride in. 

Through the use of multiple different material options we can create a functional product or a simple prototype for presentation sake. Our materials range from high quality PLA to engineering grade carbon fiber blends. 

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